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    Tracey Greenwood, Owner and Founder
    (703)232-1511, www.autismedsolutions.com,
    Located in Ashburn, VA but serving all of
    Northern Virginia

    Social Skill Play and Leisure Groups
    Structured social skill play and leisure groups
    for children with developmental delays, language
    delays, social skills impairments and Autism
    Spectrum Disorders aging approximately from 2
    to 15 years old will be provided to address your
    pragmatic, communication and play/leisure skill
    needs. Pragmatic skills addressed will include
    joint attention, initiation, negotiation,
    compromising, communication, imagination and

    The groups normally are set up in the natural
    environment of a home or other mutually agreed
    upon space and typically run one-two times a
    week for 30-60minutes over an eight week span.
    The group usually consists of a child with special
    needs and 2 typically developing peer models.
    Typically developing peers should have age
    appropriate social and play/leisure skills. Group
    size will depend upon the targeted children’s

    Parents are encouraged to form the playgroups,
    however, Autism Educational Solutions can assist
    with networking as needed.

    Goals from each child’s Individualized Education
    Plan (IEP) will be selected to measure progress
    and an assessment will be completed to determine
    your child’s needs for the social skill group.
    Based on the assessment, our team will develop an
    Individualized Social and Play/Leisure Skill Plan.
    The group will be structured and led by
    specialists with parental training to assist in
    supporting the group if interested and needed.

    The structured social skill groups will follow a
    consistent ritual and utilize play/leisure theme
    choices that are of high interest and age
    appropriate to the children in the group. All the
    materials needed to structure and support the
    social skills playgroup will be provided.

    Educational Consultation/Advocacy

    Services for Families

    Autism Educational Solutions supports the unique
    needs of families that have a child with an autism
    spectrum disorder. Our independent team has
    extensive training and experience using a variety
    of research-based strategies in the school and
    settings. We can provide expertise in all areas of
    educational programming. Some examples of the
    services we provide are:

    • Completion of educational assessments
    • Review of existing educational evaluations
    • Review of your child’s current Individualized
     Education Program (IEP) with recommendations
     for improvement
    • Preparation of your child’s present levels of
     educational performance, recommended goals and
    • Parent preparation for IEP meetings
    • Parent and caregiver training to address goals in
      the home setting
    • Assistance with organizing and visually
     structuring play space areas to meet your
     child’s needs
    • Toilet training as well as systems to address
      self- help skills
    • The creation of data collection systems to
      review progress
    • Development and training on the implementation
     of Functional Behavior Assessments

    Information about Tracey Greenwood

    Tracey Greenwood is the owner and founder of
    Autism Educational Services. She holds a
    special education teaching credential in early
    childhood and grades kindergarten through
    high school. Tracey has a B. S. degree in Special
    Education from Ohio University and a M. A.
    degree in teaching from National University,
    graduating magna cum laude from both schools.
    She has 17 years experience in the public schools
    as both a special education teacher and an
    Autism Program Specialist. Tracey has over 400
    hours in training on Autism Spectrum Disorders
    and research-based related strategies and
    methodologies. These research-based strategies
    and methodologies include Applied
    Behavior Analysis (Verbal Behavior, Discrete
    Trial Training and Pivotal Response Training),
    Structured Teaching Model (TEACCH),
    Floortime Model, Picture Exchange
    Communication, Sensory Integration and Social
    Skill Strategies. She brings experience in
    developing, implementing and supervising
    developmentally appropriate programs for
    students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This
    includes utilizing a variety of assessment tools
    and developing Individualized Education
    Programs. She has worked directly with parents
    by leading parent support groups, conducting
    training and implementing strategies in the home
    setting. Tracey has also been an adjunct
    professor at George Washington University,
    teaching graduate students in elementary and
    special education. In addition, she has supervised
    students in their university teacher training
 *   B.A.S.I.C.S. ABA Therapy, LLC   

    B.A.S.I.C.S. ABA Therapy, LLC provides
    services to children and adults on and off the
    Autism Spectrum using Applied Behavior
    Analysis (ABA) and other evidence-based
    practices. We have extensive experience working
    with children with Sensory Processing Disorder,
    ADHD, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Autism,
    Asperger’s, and other similar diagnosis. We serve
    a wide range of children with a variety of
    cognitive functioning levels. We have had
    wonderful success with high-functioning, highly
    verbal children teaching social skills, emotional
    regulation, and executive functioning skills. We
    are also proud of our work teaching language and
    play skills to clients who are non-verbal or
    nearly non-verbal. We also focus on reducing
    problem behaviors such as aggression, property
    destruction, and tantrums.

    On-Going Therapeutic Services:

    Program Creation: We create a comprehensive
    program to teach clients new skills and reduce
    problem behavior. This includes a behavior plan
    and usually between 10-20 individual goals for
    skill acquisition. The program is created after a
    parent interview and student observation.

    ABA Therapy: We provide in-home ABA
    therapy by well-trained and educated ABA
    therapists. These therapists implement the
    program that is created by the Board Certified
    Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Students typically
    receive services 3-5 days a week and each
    session is usually 2.5-3 hours.

    Supervision: ABA therapists are supervised
    frequently by a Board Certified Behavior
    Analyst (BCBA). The BCBA also uses this time to
    observe the child, build a relationship with
    him/her, and problem solve any goals that are
    making slow progress.

    Team Meetings: We hold team meeting for most
    clients to review progress, troubleshoot problem
    behavior, and maintain an open dialogue with

    Facilitated Playdates: We setup, attend, and
    coach clients during playdates with typical peers
    to help the client practice skills being taught in

    Respite Care: We offer respite care provided
    by a trained ABA therapist and experienced
    nanny to all of our current clients.


    Behavior Plans For The Home: We create
    Behavior Intervention Plans for families to use at
    home. This includes a written plan, training, and
    support to implement the plan at home.

    Behavior Plans For The Classroom: We create
    treatment plans for staff to use in the classroom
    to help maintain a student’s behavior. This can be
    student specific or classroom-wide.

    Program Creation: We can create a program to
    teach clients new skills and reduce problem
    behavior. This includes a behavior plan and
    usually between 10-20 individual goals for skill
    acquisition. After this is completed, parents can
    hire a team to implement the program or they can
    implement it themselves.

    Parent and Staff Training: We are available to
    give talks to staff and parents about ABA. This
    can be done individually or in a group setting.

    Social Skills Groups: We offer a 12-week social
    skills group teaching Friendship Skills. We focus
    on emotional regulation, recognizing social cues,
    and responding appropriately to social cues. We
    also build self-esteem, target cooperation-based
    play, and focus on basic rule following. This is a
    fun, dynamic class!

    We accept several insurance plans.   

* Building Blocks Therapy
    450 West Broad St., Ste. 215,
    Falls Church, VA  22046, 703-533-8819,
    5125 MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 10,
    Washington, DC 20016, 202-363-8255,

    Building Blocks Therapy is a pediatric speech
    therapy practice with locations in Falls Church
    and Washington, DC  We serve infants, toddlers
    and school-aged children in a child-centered and
    play-based setting. We pride ourselves on being
    family friendly and providing cutting edge, top-
    quality therapy services. Our services include 1:1
    therapy, group therapy, and play/social skills
    groups. We have expertise in the areas of
    sensory integration, feeding, oral-motor therapy
    and augmentative communication, among others.
    We work with children who have Autism, Down
    Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Compromised Muscle Tone,
    Cerebral Palsy and many, many other Learning
    Disabilities. Our staff consists of experienced,
    licensed speech and language pathologists who are
    eager to help children master the art of
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