*  Basic Concepts, LLC
    Speech Language & Educational Services
    966 Hungerford Drive, Suite 7,
    Rockville, MD 20850
    301-424-8760, 240-447-8013,

    BASIC CONCEPTS is a private practice
    providing speech language and educational
    services for children of all ages and abilities.
    The staff at Basic Concepts strives to empower
    children to grow and reach their fullest potential.

    It is our philosophy that children learn best in a
    stimulating and challenging environment where
    they are able to gain self-confidence and take
    risks while developing age-appropriate academic
    and social skills.  Our staff consists of licensed
    speech language pathologists and certified
    special educators working together to meet the
    needs of your individual child. Basic Concepts
    offers year round speech language and
    educational therapies, social skill groups, and
    additional consultative services. We also offer a
    summer camp designed to improve language,
    academic, and social skills.

    Katy Krienert-Whidden, M.A., CCC-SLP, is a
    partner at Basic Concepts. She received her
    master's degree in speech language pathology
    from the University of Maryland. With extensive
    background in private practice, public school and
    hospital settings, Katy specializes in the
    assessment, evaluation, and treatment of auditory
    processing disorders, receptive and expressive
    language delays, articulation disorders, and social
    skill deficits. She creates and implements
    programs to enhance children's written
    communication and reading skills. Katy also
    provides speech and language services for a
    number of area schools.

    Sarah Bias-Graf, M.Ed., CEIM, is a partner
    at Basic Concepts. She received her master's
    degree from the University of Maryland in
    special education. Sarah has worked in a variety
    of educational settings. With a comprehensive
    background in early intervention, she is skilled in
    designing and implementing educational programs
    for children with disabilities from birth through
    5th grade. In addition to educational programs,
    Sarah specializes in developing social skill and
    behavioral programs for use in natural
    environments such as home, private school, and
    day care settings. Sarah also enjoys her role as a
    certified educator of infant massage.

    Dr. Elliot Blumenstein, Psy.D.,
    Psychologist (Maryland license #3240)
    Pediatric Neuropsychologist
    611 Dartmouth Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910,


    I have about a 6 month waiting list for
    comprehensive evaluations (two mornings) but
    that I have much more immediate openings for
    briefer consultations.

    The majority of my practice time is committed to
    the provision of comprehensive
    neuropsychological evaluations of children,
    adolescents, and young adults designed to clarify
    their cognitive, pre-academic/academic, and
    social-emotional functioning.
    The evaluations are completed by me and include:
    1) an initial parent interview on the first day of
    the evaluation; 2) test administration, scoring,
    and interpretation; 3) an interpretive
    conference; and 4) preparation of the written

    The results are subsequently useful in
    determining such things as: 1) appropriate
    educational placement and programming; 2) the
    need for tutorial support and/or adjunctive
    services [i.e., speech/language therapy;
    occupational therapy]; 3) behavior management
    and/or psychotherapeutic techniques; 4) avenues
    for self-help; and 5) advisability of medical

    Dr. Paula Elitov, 301-738-7990
    Specialized in psycho educational testing.

    Calling On Beth, LLC, 301-346-6732
    www.callingonbeth.net, callingonbeth@verizon.net
    Locations in MD and DC Metro area

    Beth Albaneze has expertise in Rehabilitation
    Counseling; Therapeutic Recreation, Integration
    Counseling and is a part-time professor at
    Montgomery College teaching clinical courses in
    Mental Health. She is a certified practitioner
    and also Founder and Director of the Student
    Department of a statewide nonprofit company
    that serves individuals with
    chronic mental illness and/or developmental

    Ms. Albaneze counsels at risk youth and adults
    who have had a chronic mental illness, a
    developmental disability, a head injury or life
    trauma, with life coaching and community
    resources.  Beth works with clients in the home
    setting to build life skills, using both social
    integration techniques and
    cohesive strategies, so that her clients can be
    successful in re-integrating into the community.
    Beth has a vast knowledge of medical, educational
    and financial resources to help her advocate for
    her clients success.
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