Here at Special Needs Kids Information, LLC, it is
    my mission to provide parents and guardians of
    children with special needs in the DC, Maryland, and
    Virginia area with information and a comprehensive
    list of doctors and specialists that have been most
    helpful to others.

    At Special Needs Kids Information, LLC, you can
    find all the information you need as a parent to
    provide the best care for your child and any

    Here, I’ve gathered a comprehensive database that
    provides you with local doctors and specialists

    Developmental Pediatricians, Geneticists,
    Neurologists, Orthopedists, and many others in
    addition to Behaviorists and Physical, Occupational,
    and Speech Therapists. For
    more information on the options available to you to
    assist in helping your child, please click on the
    Respite Care link.

    At our web site, you can find information related to
    several kinds of disabilities, including but not
    limited to:

    »»Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
    »» Autism
    »» Apraxia
    »» Aspergers
    »» Blindness
    »» Deafness
    »» Down Syndrome
    »» Dyscalulia
    »» Dysgraphia
    »» and Dylexia

    What We Offer
    Special Needs Kids Information, LLC offers
    information on the following programs:

    »» County Early Intervention Services
    »» State Information
    »» Developmental Pediatricians
    »» Hospital Programs
    »» Schools
    »» Educational Enrichment and Tutors
    »» Summer Camps
    »» College
    »» Fitness and the Arts
    »» Family Activities
    »» Webinars
    »» Support Groups
    »» Educational Advocates
    »» Special Needs Attorneys
    »» Special Needs Financial Planning
    …and so much more!

    Along with information on doctors and specialists,
    Special Needs Kids Information, LLC also provides
    useful information and helpful tips about special
    needs planning, special needs financial planning, and
    educational Advocacy and Supportive Housing links
    that relate to special needs. Here, you can also find
    out where you can buy special equipment and
    products that
    assist your child along with links to local schools and
    businesses that offer specialized programs and

    Some of these schools and businesses include special
    classes in the creative arts, summer camps, children’s
    fitness, and support groups. Support groups are key
    because there you
    can learn what other parents are doing to help
    improve their children’s lives and how they found
    helpful alternatives and solutions to managing
    specific disabilities. These groups are also helpful
    to siblings of special needs children because there
    they can learn about different disabilities and how
    they can help their parents care for their sibling.

    It is my hope that by providing this one-stop
    resource it will lessen some of the stress you're
    feeling from the unknown, speed your search for
    answers, and give you confidence that you’re doing
    everything you can to help your child and,
    ultimately, your family.

    Please note: Special Needs Kids Information, LLC
    is not a certified resource and we do not replace the
    medical advice of certified doctors and
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