Cognitive-Behavioral lnterventions in
    Educational Settings:  
    A Handbook for Practice
    By Rosemary B. Mennuti, Arthur Freeman,
    Ray W. Christner
    ISBN 0-415-95039- 2

    See Chapter 14 - Cognitive Behavioral
    Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders,
    pgs. 255-269.

    "It has been shown that children with high
    functioning autism (HFA) experience clinically
    significant levels of anxiety more frequently
    than typically developing children. Prevalence
    rates of anxiety disorders in children with HFA
    range from 47 to 84.1%, whereas prevalence
    rates in typically developing children range from
    1.5 to 13%. Difficulties related to anxiety in
    children with HFA can impair academic and social
    functioning in children and cause significant
    distress for families."

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    The Arlington Public Schools Parent Resource
    Center in Clarendon has these books on
    Aspergers in Adolescents and Young Adults
    available for checking out:

    Life and Love: Positive Strategies for
    Autistic Adults,
    by Zozia Zaks.

    Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence  
    Practical Solutions for School Success, by
    Brenda Smith Myles and Diane Adreun.

    Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum, A
    Parent’s Guide to the Cognitive, Social,
    Physical, and Transition Needs of Teenagers
    with Autism Spectrum Disorders,
    by Chantal Sicile-Kira.

    Realizing the College Dream with Autism or
    Aspergers Syndrome, A Parent’s Guide to
    Student Success,
    by Ann Palmer.

    Taking Care of Myself, A Healthy Hygiene,
    Puberty and Personal Curriculum for Young
    People with Autism,
    by Mary Wrobel.

    Preparing for Life, The Complete Guide for
    Transitioning to Adulthood for those with
    Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, by Dr. Jed

    Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism,
    ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The
    Groundbreaking Program for the 4A
    Disorders. by Kenneth A. Bock.  Dr. Bock is
    Board Certified in Family Medicine and is a
    certified clinical nutrition specialist.

    Negotiating The Special Education Maze!
    by Winifred Anderson, Stephen Chitwood  
    Deidre Hayden,

    For more than 25 years, this classic guide has
    taken parents, guardians, educational advocates,
    and special educators step-by-step through the
    special education process. Now revised and
    updated, reflecting the latest changes to the
    special education laws, NEGOTIATING THE
    provide thorough, time-tested advice based on
    the authors’ years of experience helping parents
    advocate for their child.

    The book covers all the crucial components
    parents and advocates need to consider from
    anticipating a child is not succeeding in a
    program or school to seeking an evaluation; from
    planning an Individualized Education Program
    (IEP) or Individualized Family Service Plan
    (IFSP), to understanding classroom placement
    options and monitoring progress.

    Key topics include:

    * Eligibility for services
    * Understanding the IEP process
    * How to write effective goals
    * Tips on participating in IEP meetings
    * Making sure IEPs are carried out and effective

    The new fourth edition provides expanded
    information on:

    * Transitioning from high school to adult life
    1. Employment
    2. Independent living
    3. Self-advocacy
    4. Continuing education
    * Required statewide assessments for all students
    * Problem solving disagreements between families
    and schools
    * Due process and other legal recourses

    Invaluable forms and charts help parents plan
    their IEP strategy, keep records and key
    contacts, log conversations and correspondence
    with important players, and track progress. This
    guide is one of the best tools available for
    understanding how to navigate the special
    education maze!

    For more information or to order the book go to: .asp?
    product_ id=978-1-890627-46-1

    Other books from the Woodbinehouse,

    The Best Worst Brother, Written by Stephanie
    Illustrated by Charlotte Fremaux          
    The Child Who Never Grew, by Pearl S. Buck
    Foreword by James A. Michener
    Children with Traumatic Brain Injury A Parents'
    Guide, Edited by Lisa Schoenbrodt, CCC-
    The Early Intervention Dictionary, A
    Multidisciplinary Guide to Terminology, Third
    Edition Written by Jeanine G. Coleman,
    Incentives for Change  Motivating People with
    Autism Spectrum Disorders to Learn and Gain
    Independence, by Lara Delmolino,
    Ph.D. & Sandra L. Harris, Ph.D.
    Meaningful Exchanges for People with Autism, An
    Introduction to Augmentative & Alternative
    Communication by Joanne M. Cafiero, Ph.D.      
    Playing by the Rules, A Story about Autism
    Written by Dena Fox Luchsinger, Illustrated by
    Julie Olson       
    Uncommon Fathers, Reflections on Raising a Child
    with a Disability
    Edited by Donald J. Meyer       
    The Year My Son and I Were Born, A Story of
    Down Syndrome, Motherhood, and Self-
    by Kathryn Lynard Soper / Published by Globe

    The Voices of Autism
    A look at some recent books about autism and the
    people who write them
    By Suzanne Crowley -- School Library Journal,
    www.schoolli braryjournal. com/article/
    CA6673568. html?industryid= 47087

    "House Rules" by Jodi Picoult
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