District of Columbia Department of Education
    825 N. Capitol St, NE, Washington, DC 20002,
    202-442-4289, www.k12.dc.us

    Bridges Public Charter School
    1250 Taylor St. NW, Washington, DC 20011
    202-545-0515, www.bridgespcs.org

    Our mission at Bridges Public Charter School is
    to provide an exemplary, individualized early
    childhood educational program for all
    preschoolers, with and without special needs. Our
    developmentally appropriate, family and child-
    centered educational program nurtures students
    and expands their skills and abilities, building a
    foundation for life-long learning.

    Kingsbury School
    5000 14th St., NW, Washington, DC, 20011, 202-
    722-5555, www.kingsbury.org

    Kingsbury offers the Washington region: K-12
    day school for learning disabled children,
    diagnostic/admissions testing and tutoring.

    National Association of Private Schools for
    Exceptional Children
    522 K Street, NW, Suite 1032, Washington, DC
    20005, 202- 408-3338, www.napsec.org

    Provides referrals to private special education

    The Lab School of Washington
    4759 Reservoir Rd., NW, Washington, DC
    20007, 202-965-6600, www.labschool.org

    Multifaceted programs for LD/ADHD. Day
    school (ages 5-18), tutoring services, adult night
    school, psychological services, OT, speech and
    language evaluations and treatment.

    The River School
    4880 MacArthur Boulevard, NW, Washington,
    DC 20007, 202-337-3554, www.riverschool.net

    Founded in 1999, the River School is proud to
    provide successful educational experiences for
    children and their families by uniting the best
    practices of early childhood education and oral
    deaf education, while promoting clinical research
    and training in child language and literacy.

    The River School is a model school for best
    practices in both early childhood and elementary
    education. Five universities in the region now
    send their graduate students to the River School
    for internships and training. Our faculty has
    been invited as speakers to regional, national, and
    international conferences. Public schools in the
    region have begun to integrate the philosophy and
    practices of the River School into their own
    programs as a result of our model and have come
    to the River School to receive training. Regional
    leaders in early childhood and international
    visitors have come to observe our programs and
    learn from our faculty.

    The School Counseling Group
    4725 MacArthur Blvd., NW, Washington, DC
    202-333-3530, www.schoolcounseling.com

    Providing educational counseling to American and
    international families since 1979 from traditional
    to therapeutic, from PreK through college.
Washington, DC
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