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Federal Agencies

    Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)
    15000 Commerce Parkway, Suite C,
    Mount Laurel, NJ 08054, 856-439-9099,,

    The Attention Deficit Disorder Association
    (ADDA) is designated as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit
    organization by the Internal Revenue Service.
    This international organization has been in
    existence since 1989. The mission of ADDA is to
    provide information, resources and networking to
    adults with AD/HD and to the professionals who
    work with them. In doing so, ADDA generates
    hope, awareness, empowerment and connections
    worldwide in the field of AD/HD. Bringing
    together scientific perspectives and the human
    experience, the information and resources
    provided to individuals and families affected by
    AD/HD and professionals in the field focuses on
    diagnoses, treatments, strategies and techniques
    for helping adults with AD/HD lead better lives.

    American Association on Health and Disability,
    110 N. Washington Street, Suite 340A,
    Rockville, MD 20850, 301-545-6140, www.aahd.

    Our mission is to support health promotion and
    wellness initiatives for people with disabilities at
    the federal, state and local level, reduce the
    incidence of secondary conditions in people with
    disabilities, as well as reduce health disparities
    between people with disabilities and the general

    American Association on Intellectual
    and Developmental Disabilities,
    444 N. Capitol Street, NW, Ste. 846,
    Washington, DC 20001-1512, 1-800-424-3688,

    Autism Society of America,
    7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 300
    Bethesda, Maryland 20814-3067,
    301-657-0881 or 1-800-3-AUTISM

    ASA, the nation’s leading grassroots autism
    organization, exists to improve the lives of all
    affected by autism. We do this by increasing
    public awareness about the day-to-day issues
    faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for
    appropriate services for individuals across the
    lifespan, and providing the latest information
    regarding treatment, education, research and

    Autism Speaks

    Our Mission
    At Autism Speaks, our goal is to change the
    future for all who struggle with autism spectrum

    We are dedicated to funding global biomedical
    research into the causes, prevention, treatments,
    and cure for autism; to raising public awareness
    about autism and its effects on individuals,
    families, and society; and to bringing hope to all
    who deal with the hardships of this disorder. We
    are committed to raising the funds necessary to
    support these goals.

    Autism Speaks aims to bring the autism
    community together as one strong voice to urge
    the government and private sector to listen to
    our concerns and take action to address this
    urgent global health crisis. It is our firm belief
    that, working together, we will find the missing
    pieces of the puzzle.

    Autism Speaks. It's time to listen.

     Autism Speaks Offices

    New York
    1 East 33rd Street, 4th Fl., New York, NY 10016
    Phone: (212) 252-8584
    Fax: (212) 252-8676

    1060 State Road, 2nd Fl., Princeton, NJ 08540
    Phone: (609) 228-7310
    Fax #1: (609) 430-9163
    Fax #2: (609) 430-9505

    Los Angeles
    5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2250,
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Phone: (323) 549-0500
    Fax: (323) 549-0547

    For an Autism Speaks office in your area, visit
    our Community Pages.

    Autism Spectrum Quarterly ASQ combines the
    readability and interest of a high-level magazine
    with the substance and depth of a professional
    journal. Each issue features a line of research
    and commentary aimed at helping parents,
    teachers, and clinicians to translate this research
    into practice,

    Bridges4Kids is a non-profit parent organization
    dedicated to building partnerships between
    families, schools and communities to help promote
    developmental and educational success for all

    Bridges4Kids operates a comprehensive website
    providing parents, educators, and others the
    information they need to help children who might
    be at-risk or have special needs. It is updated
    daily and includes information on child
    development, education issues and opportunities,
    and extensive disability, gifted, at-risk,
    parenting, and teaching resources. Choose the
    "search" function on our menu to search the
    entire site for the information you need.

    Where To Find Help For A Child is a
    comprehensive listing of contacts, resources, and
    programs available in each county, state, and
    province. Click on "Michigan", "Anywhere in the
    U.S." or "Canada" in the main menu.

    Breaking News, on the Bridges4Kids home page,
    provides daily updates of local, state and
    national news on all topics related to children
    that might interest parents and educators.     

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