If your child has hypotonia (low muscle tone)
    like our son; sensory motor issues; vestibular
    and proprioceptive difficulties; or auditory,
    language or visual processing delays just to
    name a few,  this page is where you'll find
    great "gyms" that specifically target those
    areas and many others for special needs
    kids. These instructors give our kids the
    opportunity and confidence to take a
    gymnastics class, for example, that gives
    the body the correct input and regulation it
    needs as well as safely teaches how to have
    fun. It also gives them a safe outlet for all
    their pent-up energy in an environment where
    they can go full speed -- or whatever speed
    they like -- without hurting themselves.

    Fitness for Health's re-grand opening on
    Sunday, 6/3, from 1pm - 5pm

    Free activities:

    1pm - 2:30pm - Parent panel discussion with
    special needs specialists - Dr. Larry Silver, Dr.
    Giorgio Kulp, and more
    1pm - 2pm - Open play in the gym
    2pm - 3pm - Dance clinic with the Washington
    Redskins Cheerleaders
    2:30pm - 3:30pm - Basketball trick clinic with
    Mike Wilson, former Harlem Globetrotter and
    Guinness Book of World Records holder for the
    highest dunk
    2:30pm - 4:30pm - Family Health Fair

    Enter to win cool sports prizes and Terps
    tickets!  The DC Region's only glow-in-the-dark
    gym with 1 30 ft. trampoline, interactive
    climbing walls, 60 ft. running track and laser

    Fitness for Health is the premiere pediatric,
    therapeutic exercise facility in the Washington,
    DC, area.  We provide multi-sensory and
    individualized programs to foster growth and
    development for all children. Our innovative
    facility, trained staffing and novel approach to
    fitness encourage children to achieve goals
    previously thought unattainable. Our activities
    are designed to teach children new skills and
    improve a child’s fitness, motivation, self-esteem
    and overall physical wellness.

    Fitness for Health offers a safe and nurturing
    environment for children to learn new skills, take
    risks and maximize their potential. By providing
    an evaluation, individual goal-setting and
    customized programs for each child, children will
    improve their physical abilities and gain a sense
    of accomplishment while HAVING FUN!

    Our programs make a difference in the lives of
    children with varying skill levels, ranging from
    those with coordination and motor delays,
    ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, weight
    management and self-esteem issues, to young
    athletes looking to hone their sport skills.

    Marc Sickel, A.T.C. - Founder, Fitness for
    Marc Sickel founded Fitness for Health in 1989
    to fulfill his dream of helping children maximize
    their physical potential. Since then, his
    innovative and creative approach to fitness has
    helped kids of all ages enjoy the benefits of
    physical activity—and have fun at the same time.
    By using specialized equipment and unique
    methods, Marc has created an exciting, safe
    environment where kids can develop the
    motivation and confidence to learn new skills and
    take on new challenges. Marc has been featured
    on the NBC Today Show, Fox TV Morning News,
    and WUSA TV-9, as well as in O Magazine, The
    Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine and
    Tennis Magazine. Prior to starting Fitness for
    Health, he was the Athletic Trainer at the
    Landon School in Bethesda and the Fitness
    Director at the Howard Hughes Medical
    Institute. Marc graduated from the University
    of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree
    in Kinesiology. He is a Certified Athletic Trainer
    with more than 25 years of experience.


    At Fitness for Health, we are dedicated to
    helping children improve their motor capabilities,
    physical fitness and self-esteem by providing an
    innovative, multi-sensory program that is adapted
    to each child’s stage of development and skill
    level. In our high-tech, state-of-the-art children’
    s fitness facility, we offer an exciting, safe
    environment where each child is able to maximize
    his/her success, and develop the motivation and
    confidence to learn new skills and undertake new

    Your child’s physical fitness, coordination and
    sports skills have a tremendous effect on self-
    confidence and self-esteem. At Fitness for
    Health, we specialize in fitness for all children.
    Our program has made a difference in the lives
    of children with varying skill levels, ranging from
    those with coordination and motor delays,
    ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, weight
    management and self-esteem issues, to young
    athletes looking to hone their sports skills.

    At Fitness for Health, children have so much fun,
    they forget they are exercising. When we re-
    open our 1st floor children's gym in May 2012,
    your child can experience virtual reality sports
    games with actual body movements; scale an 80-
    foot transverse climbing wall with different skill
    levels; climb a 10-foot tall glow-in-the-dark
    climbing wall while harnessed; bounce down a 30-
    foot trampoline while playing mini-basketball;
    negotiate a ropes course; bat in a batting cage
    with an indoor pitching machine; play glow-in-the-
    dark soccer; test skills against a high-tech
    reaction and coordination game; and be
    introduced to a variety of games and equipment
    involving visual perception and motor planning.
    Additionally, there is a full fitness center with
    weights and cardio machines and an outside half
    basketball court.

    We offer one-on-one fitness training, group
    fitness activities, sport-specific conditioning and
    host field trips, birthday parities and special
    events for children - and adults - of all ages and
    skill levels.

    Funfit Kids Like Me @ Funfit Family Fitness
    Center, 17511 Redland Rd., Rockville, MD
    301-975-0099, www.funfit.us

    Fitness classes for special needs, ages 2-8.
    Locations in Virginia and Maryland.
  *MarVaTots 'n Teens Gymnastics,

    MarVaTots 'n Teens Gymnastics first open in
    1972, making us one of the oldest gymnastics
    clubs in the State of Maryland. We used to have
    (3) facilities; our main gym in Rockville, Wheaton
    & Gaithersburg. Back in the mid-80's all three
    gym were sold to separate people, but everyone
    kept the name MarVaTots 'n Teens. My wife and
    I started working here in June of 1985. I bought
    the Rockville gym in 1998 and my wife and I run
    the gym and coach our competitive teams. I
    personally have been in the sport since 1974 and
    have been coaching since somewhere around
    1975-'76. I am USA Gymnastics safety
    certified and passed the USA Gymnastics
    criminal background screening process. Just this
    past season (2010), I was named Maryland USAG
    Junior Olympic Coach of the Year! The gym has
    been awarded 'Best Business' of the year award
    for Rockville for three years in a row! We've
    had an 8 year partnership with the ARC of
    Montgomery County and a new association with a
    community service project called the 'Friendship
    Circle' of Potomac. This is an organization that
    works with children of special needs. We offer
    gymnastics classes to children, from age walking
    through teens and we have a few adults as well!
    We offer classes in the mornings, early & late
    afternoons and evening classes during the week
    and Saturday & Sunday morning classes! We
    offer open gyms and a tumbling/tramp class and
    host birthday parties on Sundays! We have a
    very successful competitive girls team with
    multiple State, Regional and National Champions!

    Fitness classes for special needs, ages 2-8.
    Locations in Virginia and Maryland.

    Silver Spring Silver Stars Gymnastics and
    Fitness Club,
    2701 Pittman Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910,

    Bowie Silver Stars Gymnastics, Inc.
    14201 Woodcliff Ct. Bowie, MD 20720,

    Our Philosophy Is:  Develop the “I can do it!”
    attitude in children,  Teach safety skills for use
    inside and outside the gym, Teach children to
    have fun while building confidence and physical
    skills in a safe learning environment, Teach
    children strong listening and turn taking skills in
    a nurturing setting and Teach children that
    positive behavior results in praise.

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