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    1604 Spring Hill Road, Suite 310
    Vienna, VA 22182
    Phone: 703.585.1095
    Email:  MetroDCAutism@achievebeyondusa.com
    Website:  www.achievebeyondusa.com

    Our Program:  Our team of highly-skilled
    professionals develops an individualized program
    to teach communication, social/play skills,
    independence, appropriate behavior and pre
    academic skills. Beginning with a detailed
    assessment, a program centered on the specific
    needs of your child and family is created.  Using
    a comprehensive instructional approach and
    teaching in natural settings, we draw on your
    child’s interests to make learning fun. Every child’
    s program is supervised by a dedicated Board
    Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

    Based on initial and ongoing assessment, specific
    teaching strategies are implemented to meet your
    child’s goals. Our evidence-based practices
    follow the science of Applied Behavior Analysis
    including natural environment training, incidental
    teaching, discrete trial instruction, pivotal
    response training, and chaining, with a focus on a
    verbal behavior classification system.

    Consultation:  Consultation is provided to
    families who desire a Board Certified Behavior
    Analyst BCBA) to guide an existing program or
    provide behavior assessment to develop and
    implement an effective plan to decrease difficult

    Parent Training:  Parent training is a
    cornerstone of our services.  Children excel when
    learning opportunities are maximized every day.
    Parents take an active role in program
    development and are provided with in-depth
    training and support from the professional team.
    Achieve Beyond offers monthly workshops
    focusing on a variety of topics including dealing
    with challenging behaviors, providing learning
    opportunities, and effective teaching strategies.

    Professional Team:  Our team of professionals,
    who are experts in teaching young children with
    autism, include psychologists, program
    supervisors, instructors, board certified
    behavior analysts, speech, occupational and
    physical therapists. Staff
    training is vital to the success of your child’s
    program and therefore all team members
    receive intensive training and support throughout
    their tenure at Achieve Beyond.

    Therapy Services:  We provide early
    intervention evaluation and therapy services for
    young children who are at risk for, or
    demonstrate developmental delays. Therapy
    focuses on preventing delays and improving your
    child’s performance in every day developmental

    Occupational and Physical Therapy. Therapists
    assess the development of gross and fine motor
    skills and create a plan to improve these areas.
    Occupational therapy services help teach your
    child to participate in their daily activities such
    as eating, writing, or exploring their environment
    appropriately.  Physical therapy services help
    improve their mobility in actions such as sitting,
    crawling, walking, and jumping.

    Speech-Language Therapy.  An assessment of
    your child’s ability to use language to
    communicate and comprehend the language of
    others is conducted. Following an assessment,
    therapy addresses the specific goals identified
    for your child. These skills may include speaking,
    interacting with others, speaking clearly, or
    eating safely.

    We Provide Services In District of Columbia,
    Maryland, Virginia
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