This page shows you some of the places that make
    and sell adaptive equipment and products -- there
    may be others, but these are the ones we know and
    have had success with. Some products, like
    orthotics or helmets, aren't always liked by
    babies and toddlers, but they're an important
    step in correcting  the shape of the foot or head.
    It's important to do this now, and to remember
    that for many children, these won't be a
    permanent fixture.

    You'll also find fun equipment like trampolines,
    swings, hip hop balls and other devices that are
    important for kids who have sensory issues.

    A back to school must-have, The Autism
    Speaks ID Kit is designed to ease the minds
    of parents of children with autism by
    informing others that a child has autism and
    therefore may require special attention from
    first responders. The ID kit includes wristbands
    that show the child's personal information, as well
    as the parents' contact information. Also included
    are bag tags meant to hang off of children's
    backpacks and cell phone cases, zipper pulls,
    clever metal tags displaying the child's phone
    number and name, and iron-ons, a non-irritating
    way to label kids' clothes. A portion of proceeds
    from this product will benefit Autism Speaks.

    To order your personalized kit, visit http:
    //events.autismspeaks. org/site/c.
    6609/Autism_Speaks_ID_ Kit.htm

Adaptive Equipment
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